FREE one-on-one video coaching

for those affected by COVID19.
Building resilience, together. 

Worried about COVID19? I can help you with that.

You're already doing the right things, so now let's reduce the wear-and-tear. 

FREE one-on-one video coaching for those affected by COVID19 stress. All welcome.

Do you have any of the following Covid19 issues?:

  • Afraid for your loved ones and friends?
  • Wondering why you can't quite control your fear and panic?
  • Uncertain about job security and finances?
  • Frustrated at others' behaviour in the face of social distancing?
  • Struggling to get enough 'me' time to stay sane?
  • Snappy or irritable at home?
  • Unproductive working at home, with or without your partner or kids?
  • Wondering how you'll cope with home schooling?
  • Worried about health care and testing options?
  • Anxious about supplies of pharmaceuticals, food and... toilet paper?
  • Being hassled by friends with different opinions to you?
  • Uncertain about the future?
  • Battling to make ends meet - to pay your rent, bills, staff or mortgage?
  • Wondering what to tell the kids?
  • Alarmed about the stock market crash or economy?
  • Having trouble making decisions?
  • Eating or drinking too much, to escape the stress?

​What's happening for you is normal


It's not just you! All of the above are normal in a pandemic such as Covid.


It's normal for stress to build up. Your best bet is to actively manage stress, not escape in to Netflix, social media, over-eating...etc


I can help you build resilience and cope more easily in these uncertain times.

How is coaching going to help?

If you've never considered coaching, I'm going to describe it to you like this. Give me 20mins of your time, in a one-on-one video call, and we can work together on your biggest stress. You will most likely leave feeling calmer, more resilient, more in control. At the very least, a problem shared, is a problem halved.


You have plenty of inner strength, and I know you are already managing well. You've already got what it takes to get through this. So let's take some of the stress out of that.

Why am I doing this?

My name is Dex Randall and I'm a professional life coach helping scores of people each week to face the challenges of the pandemic. I also work with men in burnout at work. You can check me out here:


I'd like to extend free coaching to my community in this turbulent and unusual time. I make this offer to you, my friend, so you can go out feeling strong, and be there for those around you.


I'm here for you.


Your free one-to-one coaching call will be via online video. In 20mins we can turn your biggest worry around. FREE. No strings. And you can have more than one free session if you like. My gift to you and yours.

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