Re-ignite your Passion at Work

  • Boost Mood and Performance

    Reduce stress, anxiety, overwork and exhaustion

  • Build Better Relationships
    Start enjoying being around your workmates and loved ones again

  • Rebuild Your Inner Resources

    Get back to the helm of your life so you can do what you love

What you can achieve with coaching

Find Your Passion

You’re going to discover how to reignite your passion at work, without changing your job or the people

Work Less Hours

Work less but better. Forget the always-on mentality, time wasting, overwhelm and procrastination.

Better Results

Take back control of your results. Start giving out of true generosity and care, and feel greater reward.

Enjoy People More

Take the strain off your relationships and enjoy being around your team and your loved ones again

Be the Leader

Start turning the people at work back in to allies and have them respect you as a leader again.

Reduce Stress

Stop worrying about your performance, other people's opinions and job security.

Rediscover Your Passion  
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If you like what you hear, let's work together to achieve that plan.

If not, I will give you as much help as I can on the call and wish you well.

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Discover how to lift your mood and performance

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What Clients Say

This work has allowed me to de-clutter my mind, to gain new insights and see my old barriers to success. When I shifted mindset, it brought success raising $500k


Startup CEO

Thank you for seeing it through with me and helping me get to the other side. I have found a new ease and awareness of my effectivenesss in my work. Now it's manageable in the context of my life as a whole - my job no longer dominates, to the exclusion of all else.


Magazine Writer

I've been working with you thus far with two great positive results: ongoing permanent employment at my legal job and an invitation to return next year at my teaching job.



I have developed a heightened awareness of life on purpose. I feel like a light inside of me has been lit and is burning brighter and brighter as I delve deeper in to this process. Life is great.


Athlete and Educator

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You will learn how to feel better fast

We respect your privacy. Your data will not be shared or sold.

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